keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011


There´s  always something fascinating about these weird little synth/drum boxes and DCM8 isn´t no exception.
This  chip tune drum machine by VXXY is somewhat cool looking and desirable neat little blue box and if "chip" drums is your trick of treat, then look no further.


maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011

Minimum Theremin

I´ve always dreamed about building  Theremin and when this Arthur Harrison´s design  came across after doing some schem searching in internet, i knew i found what i was looking for.

I´m still missing few components for this project, but i have to do inventory before ordering any missing parts. (for this and several other projects). But i hope i get this done before Christmas. 

More info about Art´s cool  Minimum Theremin


I did this front panel for my Theremin project. There´s holes for pot and switch and also there is a amethyst in the middle. I´m going to put blue led underneath it, so i can´t wait to see how it is going to work out....should be cool light fx, but can´t tell yet.


Instead of using perf board i used ExpressPCB software to draw my own PCB. After drawing was done i  printed it to film and then etched it.

NOTE! If you are looking PCB or full kits for this project you can buy those directly from Harrison Instruments.

When i started soldering stuff to board i noticed there was a one mistake on my pcb, but thankfully it wasn´t too hard to fix. Just added one jump wire.
Soldering done, still missing ICs, enclosure and antenna.


Finally i had some time to finish this project. Actually it didn`t work at first try, but after some troubleshooting i found out i had soldered voltage regulator wrong way. After correcting this, it worked nicely

Ready for playing!


After some test playing with headphones(and not with these cheap computer speakers what i used during my first test) i noticed there was an annoying distortion in sound once in awhile.  I found out that antenna is taking some sort of interference from front panel. Maybe it´s just too close to antenna, but anyway solving this issue i tried to ground front panel and it worked. Hurray!

Here´s a short demo of Minimum Theremin,

Minimum Theremin Demo

keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2011

Holes, holes, holes...

Last week i did few test PCBs for my modular project and drilling holes is always the biggest job to do.
Good drill and proper lightning makes your life easier, trust me. After drilling few hundred holes you know what i mean.
Currently i`m using Proxxon drill which is really stable and works nicely for both, drilling holes to PCB and 2 mm aluminum front panels.

MFOS Mini-Synth II

I´ve already build MFOS Mini-Synth and now Ray has announced new version of this classic diy synth.
Looks pretty cool indeed. I hope i have time to build this new module in near future, but first i´m going to work with my plan to build whole modular system..