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Minimum Theremin

I´ve always dreamed about building  Theremin and when this Arthur Harrison´s design  came across after doing some schem searching in internet, i knew i found what i was looking for.

I´m still missing few components for this project, but i have to do inventory before ordering any missing parts. (for this and several other projects). But i hope i get this done before Christmas. 

More info about Art´s cool  Minimum Theremin


I did this front panel for my Theremin project. There´s holes for pot and switch and also there is a amethyst in the middle. I´m going to put blue led underneath it, so i can´t wait to see how it is going to work out....should be cool light fx, but can´t tell yet.


Instead of using perf board i used ExpressPCB software to draw my own PCB. After drawing was done i  printed it to film and then etched it.

NOTE! If you are looking PCB or full kits for this project you can buy those directly from Harrison Instruments.

When i started soldering stuff to board i noticed there was a one mistake on my pcb, but thankfully it wasn´t too hard to fix. Just added one jump wire.
Soldering done, still missing ICs, enclosure and antenna.


Finally i had some time to finish this project. Actually it didn`t work at first try, but after some troubleshooting i found out i had soldered voltage regulator wrong way. After correcting this, it worked nicely

Ready for playing!


After some test playing with headphones(and not with these cheap computer speakers what i used during my first test) i noticed there was an annoying distortion in sound once in awhile.  I found out that antenna is taking some sort of interference from front panel. Maybe it´s just too close to antenna, but anyway solving this issue i tried to ground front panel and it worked. Hurray!

Here´s a short demo of Minimum Theremin,

Minimum Theremin Demo

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